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Fei Creates Emerald and Diamond Pendant and Earrings Set and Engagement Ring from Heirloom Ring

With bespoke commissions coming in thick and fast, we wanted to give you an insight into the process behind the Fei Liu Bespoke Service with a series of profiles and case studies, documenting the stories behind the beautiful creations. Bespoke client Andy Griffiths wanted to recycle the stones from an heirloom ring of his mothers, and the put the diamonds and emeralds to better use, into pieces that would be worn and cherished yet still carry the sentimental value of his mother’s ring. After various meetings with Fei and the team, designs were drawn up for a 0.75ct diamond engagement ring, as well as a diamond and emerald earring and pendant set for his wife Suwannee. We spoke to Andy to discuss the thoughts behind his bespoke creations:

What made you choose Fei Liu to make your Bespoke pieces?
I chose Fei Liu because I was advised to try the jewellery quarter in Birmingham but even when I looked at all the websites there really was only a couple of companies that looked like they could offer something different. To have taken my mother’s old ring and had it made into something different but traditional was to me a waste of time and money.

Did you have an idea in mind of what you wanted the new pieces to look like?
I wanted the old ring to be turned into something timeless and beautiful so that the results could be worn anytime and not look dated. After looking at the website I saw some really unusual and different but very beautiful pieces of jewellery. I did not really have any idea of what was possible with the ring that I provided and I only called one other company in the jewellery quarter but I could tell that they really were not that interested when I said that I wanted something different and they took a long time to call back to try to arrange an appointment. Most of the jewellery on their website also looked very normal compared to the designs from Fei Liu. After my first visit and the way I was asked to describe my wife and her likes and dislikes it was a far more personal approach than I

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6 September 2014
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