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The Uniqueness of Gemstones

What makes gemstones so interesting is the fact each one is unique because of its own crystalline structure. It is how this structure reacts to light that gives the gem its colour and makes them so attractive to wear.

Gemstones are formed from mineral or other organic materials that can be cut and then polished to form beautiful pieces of jewellery.

Gemstones have long been associated with birthdays, each month having a particular gem linked to it. If you are celebrating your birthday in August then your gemstone is peridot.

The colour of peridot ranges from pure green to yellowish green and greenish yellow. It is rare to find pure green stones and the majority of peridots are yellowish green with the finest colour stones being found in Mayanmar and Pakistan.

The stones can be cut in all the traditional ways such as round, oval, pearl, cushion, triangle and marquise.

Owning a piece of jewellery which represents your birthday is a lovely way to celebrate every day with a gemstone that is as unique as you are. 

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