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The ‘Blue of Dreams’ tiara unveils its beauty at the 67th Miss World China Finals

Designer of the Year 2016, Fei Liu, joins forces with Silkroutes Group Ltd to create the magnificent Blue of Dreams tiara, and showcases the masterpiece at the 67th Miss World China Finals.

Blue of Dreams tiara

Fei Liu Fine Jewellery founder, Fei Liu, collaborated with the New Silkroutes Group Ltd to create the magnificent 88 carat sapphire masterpiece, Blue of Dreams.

After 9 months of design and intricate craftsmanship the beauty of the ‘Blue of Dreams’ was finally unveiled on 16th August, at the 67th Miss World China Finals, Beijing.

Harper's Bazaar photoshoot with Blue of Dreams tiara

The ‘Blue of Dreams’ was inspired by the ribbons flying fairy of the ancient Silk Road in Dunhuang, The tiara weighs more than 470grams of platinum and is set with a majestic 88ct Sri Lanka blue sapphire, 6 high-grade over sapphires, and ribbons which are set with over 1,200 graded sapphires and over 3,200 of diamonds, and 43 pearls. This tiara is worth over 11 million British pounds; the highest value of coronation tiara amongst all global beauty contests. The masterpiece showcases the highest level of design and craftsmanship.

The materials used to create the tiara was carefully thought out to tie in with the image of the Dunhuang flying fairy. The sapphire symbolises loyalty, bravery, wisdom and honesty, representing the spiritual beauty of Chinese women. The pearl symbolises the elegance of oriental women.

Unlike the traditional tiaras, the ‘Blue of Dreams’ uses asymmetric forms, to visually create a bold dynamic aesthetic. The transition of gradient highlights the three-dimensional form of the elegant ribbon.

Blue of Dreams tiara

Fei with the Blue of Dreams tiara


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